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Is Good Customer Service Really Integral in a Business’s Success?

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Uncovering the Truth Behind the Importance of Customer Service

customer serviceEntrepreneurs hear it all the time, how customer service is the most important aspect of their business, or how providing excellent customer service will help them stand apart from the big guys.

But just how true are these claims? How many of the big guys keep getting bigger, while being absolutely notorious for delivering terrible customer service?

Customers are left unsatisfied by big corporations all of the time. In fact, poor customer service has almost become the norm for big business. So, if customer service is so important, why aren’t these businesses suffering due to the lack of it?

The Difference Between Big Business and Small Business Customer Service

The hard-to-hear truth is that many big businesses do not need to worry about satisfying one unhappy customer, when there are thousands of other customers to take that one’s place.

The top brands in their respective industries have, over time, become household names. And it is this familiarity that causes consumers to overlook their poor customer service habits.

A small business, on the other hand, has to work extra hard to keep every customer it gets, because losing just one reliable customer for the wrong reasons can have an immediate impact on its bottom line and its reputation. For small businesses, providing excellent customer service with effective and practical support is key in retaining valued customers.

If you are relying on it too much, however, then there may be a problem.

Reducing Reliability on Customer Service

As important as customer service is, you do not want to rely on it for your business’s success. When customer service becomes what your business is most known for, then something may be wrong with your product or service quality, because your customer service team should not be fielding so many interactions.

As a business owner, you should determine why there are so many people contacting your customer service department. Is your product not performing as well as expected? Is your service not meeting the needs of your customers?

Eventually, this is going to catch up with your business. Customers may appreciate your business’s excellent customer support standards, but they would be much happier if they did not have to contact your company at all. Because of this, one could reasonably argue that product or service quality plays a larger and more important role in the success of a business.

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